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Criminal Defense

Criminal charges can alter your life, or a loved one’s, forever. You might feel scared, and alone. The State of Florida has an office full of lawyers that are working right now to convict you of these charges. Learn More >



DUI arrests happen to people of all ages, races, and economic groups – many of whom have never been arrested before in their lives. An arrest, and especially a conviction, can have a major impact on people’s reputations and careers. Learn More >


Drug Offenses

Drug offenses vary in seriousness depending on the drug in question and the amount. Probably the most common drug charge is “simple possession” of marijuana (defined as an amount less than 20 grams). Learn More >


Battery Charges

Perhaps no crime results in as many wrongful arrests as does Battery. In Florida, Battery is defined as “actually and intentionally touch(ing) or strike(ing) another person against the will of the other, or intentionally cause(ing) bodily harm to another person.” Learn More >


Sealing / Expunging Records

We are frequently contacted by people who would like to seal or expunge their criminal record, for many reasons. Ben has sealed and expunged literally hundreds of records in his career and is very familiar with the process. Here is an overview of how it works. Learn More >

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